Georg M. Berrisch Fine Art & Travel Photography | About
I am a hobbyist photographer. Having always enjoyed taking picture, in particular while on travel, my photography started out more seriously when in 2005 I realized a long time dream and bought a Leica M 7 film rangefinder. At the same time, I discovered the opportunities offered by digital imaging. The ability to control the entire imaging process from capture to the final print fascinated me.

This site offers an overview of my work during the past several years. My aim is to capture the atmosphere of places where I have been, to show the ordinary and the extraordinary, to look for big and small things, and generally to create pictures that are visually appealing. Some of the photos show little to now post processing, whereas others are heavily worked on. As I am not a court reporter, I consider post processing as part my artistic freedom.

While I enjoy the sharing of photos and photographic experiences on the internet, I still consider that a photo on a computer screen cannot replace a print, preferably a large one that can be framed and put on the wall. Therefore, if you are interested in purchasing prints of photos shown on this site, please contact me at Most photos shown here can be printed up to 60x90 cm, and several can be printed even larger (smaller sizes are of course available as well).

I hope you enjoy surfing on my site and please leave comments.

Georg M. Berrisch